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Let's Get Started Congratulations on taking the first step that will get you closer to having the powerful web pages your business needs to remain highly competitive and grow. It will take you about 60-90 seconds to complete this form (a lot of the information can be provided by simply selecting an option box). The information you provide will help us learn about your web site needs so we can provide you with a risk-free, no-obligation price quote.

Your name and e-mail address are the only required fields, but we will have a much better initial understanding of your web site needs if you supply as much information as possible. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Project Information

What type of project is this?

A brand new web site.
An enhancement of the following web site:

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Your Business Information

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Prepared Content and Updates

How much content (information) do you already have prepared/typed?

I already have a web site or brochure, so most of the content is prepared.
I have most of the content already typed (but not on a web site or in a brochure).
I do not have much content typed and would like help to create the content.

How often do you anticipate your Web Site will need updated?

Twice a Month
Every Few Months
Once or Twice a Year

Who would you most likely want in charge of updates?

I can make MOST, if not all, of the web site changes myself.
I can make SOME changes and will require Powerful Web Pages to make others.
I would like to use Powerful Web Pages staff when changes are needed.

What type of hosting solution will you need?

I would like to use Powerful Web Pages for my hosting needs (recommended).
I already have a hosting solution and just need the web design services.
NOTE: We can provide you with a complete, worry-free solution for your web site needs: which includes designing your web site, setting up your domain, hosting your web site, and helping you keep it all maintained and running smoothly. Unless you are already in a contract with a hosting provider, we encourage using our hosting solutions since 1) they are very reasonably priced (typically $9.95/month for Information Web Sites and $39.95/month for E-commerce and Blended Web Sites) and 2) using our hosting solutions will enable us to easily help you maintain your site.

Urgency of Project

How important is it for you to have a web site quickly?

I need a web site in the average amount of time.
I need a web site a little faster than average and will pay a little more.
I need a web site much faster than average and will pay a premium for that.
NOTE: The length of time it will take to complete your web site will depend on a lot of factors, such as the complexity of your particular web site and, of course, how many projects we already have at the time. We are often very busy with projects and have to prioritize our work carefully. On average, it takes 1-3 weeks for us to complete a typical Informational Web Site, and 3-6 weeks for a larger E-Commerce or Blended Web Site. We understand, however, that sometimes it is important for a business to have their web site done faster, such as when it needs to be complete before an important business conference or marketing campaign. The area below gives you the opportunity to give us some idea of the urgency of your web site development project.


Powerful Web Pages has friendly sales representatives that help us tell others about our terrific web design services, and we want to always give them credit for any referrals that they send our way. If you were contacted by a sales representative, they likely provided you with their name and business card, in which case we ask that you please supply their name below.


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Please use the following section to provide us with any additional information you think may help us identify your web design needs.



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