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Great Sales Potential

PowerfulWebPages.com is a subsidiary of NorthStar Solutions, LLC, a company that has been successfully in business since 1994. We are rapidly expanding and need help showing businesses how the professional web sites we build can help improve their advertising efficiencies, gain new customers/clients, and ultimately increase their profits.


According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses represent 99.7% of the economy-which offers you tremendous income potential! That's because every business needs a professional web site, and PowerfulWebPages provides great web sites at very affordable prices.

The web sites we make are equally appealing to the many businesses that have a web site that needs improved, as well as the numerous businesses that just need a little "nudge" and friendly help to get started with their web site needs. We also offer complete, worry-free hosting solutions as an option to the businesses that would like their web site managed so that they can concentrate on what they do best and leave the work of keeping an online presence to us.

The process is as easy as identifying businesses that either need a new web site made or an existing one improved and discussing that with the business owner or manager. We will also provide you with a brochure to assist you with the discussion. We will then pay you a 20% commission on any web site design and hosting services we provide to clients you refer to us. The average initial "sales pitch" takes only 20 minutes and then a follow-up visit to interested prospects will take about 30 minutes (if your application is accepted, the process will be explained in detail).

So, for less than an hour of your time, you can easily make over $80 (even more for larger web sites!). You can (and likely will) earn more from that one sale, as odds are that the people you talk to will also choose to use our hosting services (and because we also share that income with you, it generates a nice residual income for you).


The following chart provides examples of your potential income, depending on how many sales you make. The first section shows the type of immediate income you can have selling our Design Services, the second section demonstrates how in just a few years you can also achieve a strong residual income by convincing businesses to use our Hosting Services. Based on those examples, the final section shows what type of total annual income a successful salesperson with several clients using our services could reasonably expect.

Excellent Income Potential

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